"High-Tech + Art" Creates Spectacular Light and Shadow Show, Showcasing Guangzhou's Performing Arts

2024-04-01 17:47

Over a hundred spectacular light and shadow shows were presented, allowing audiences to experience the infinite possibilities of combining art and technology. Twenty-one well-known domestic and international sound brands converged in the touring exhibition area, providing mesmerizing auditory experiences for enthusiasts with high-quality sound effects and perfect tonal quality. Dozens of technical seminars, forums, and product launches injected new vitality into the industry's development... From March 3rd to 6th, 2024, the Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment and Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition (GETshow) was held at Hall D of the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex, attracting over 63,000 visitors from 72 countries and regions. The total value of orders during the exhibition period exceeded 38 billion yuan. Through this exhibition, Guangzhou not only successfully showcased its strong capabilities and unique charm as an important hub for China's cultural and tourism equipment industry and lighting and sound industry but also revitalized its cultural heritage in the new era with even more brilliance.

Over 1,000 renowned brands converged, showcasing new technologies, products, and applications in the performing arts equipment industry

"We use advanced lighting technology and stage design to bring the audience into an imaginative dream world, allowing them to feel the artistic shock in the interweaving of light and shadow," said chief director Yu Zhuo. The "Halo" 2024 immersive light show employed the most advanced technological means in presenting light and shadow effects, combining high-definition projection, laser shows, LED screens, and other equipment, along with 1,500 lights, 600 square meters of large screens, and 10 types of lamps, to create visually stunning light and shadow effects.During this GETshow exhibition, over a hundred spectacular light and shadow shows combined with high technology and artistry were brilliantly presented, showcasing the cutting-edge technology of the international industry chain.The exhibition site brought together over 1,000 globally renowned brands, covering eight major exhibition halls with exhibits ranging from professional audio equipment and technology, professional lighting equipment and technology, professional audiovisual equipment technology, large-scale stage equipment/installation/systems and technology, card package audio, public broadcasting, conference systems, LED screens, microphones, amplifiers, stage peripheral equipment, intelligent lighting control systems, and other fields, showcasing new technologies, products, and applications in the performing arts equipment industry.

Audio-visual technology + cultural creativity: Guangzhou's performing arts equipment industry injects new vitality into the cultural tourism industry

"The successful hosting of this light show is a perfect example of the perfect integration of performing arts equipment and the cultural tourism industry," said Huang Peiling, executive chairman of the Guangzhou Cultural and Tourism Equipment Industry Association, in an interview. The birth of the "Halo" 2024 immersive light show is an excellent result of the collaborative efforts of the performing arts equipment industry chain and also an outstanding work of the Guangzhou Cultural and Tourism Equipment Industry Association's "first attempt."Today, Guangdong is the most important industrial base for global performing arts equipment—the products of China's lighting, sound, and other performing arts equipment have occupied over 80% of the world market share, with Guangdong accounting for over 70% of the national market share and Guangzhou holding over 70% of Guangdong's market share. The strength of Guangzhou's lighting and sound industry can also be felt in the lives of its citizens: one reason why concerts in Guangzhou "dominate" social media circles is the city's strong technical presentation of stage effects; Guangzhou International Lighting Festival upgrades annually, and the development trend of nighttime tourism from "brightening" to "beautifying" and then to "cultural" is clear.Guangzhou's professional stage lighting and sound industry has a group of national brand enterprises that have independently developed and innovatively developed, such as Ruifeng Audio, Zhujiang Lighting, Haoyang Electronics, and DSP Public Broadcasting. These representative local enterprises in Guangzhou's performing arts equipment industry have made significant progress in talents, technology, capital, etc., and are now realizing a huge transformation from "lagging behind" to "leading."Policy guidance has shown significant effects. In 2021, Guangzhou issued the "Opinions on Building a 'Long-chain' to Promote the High-quality Development of Industrial Chains," listing the lighting and sound equipment industry as an important sub-chain of the fashion industry chain. In 2022, it issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for the High-quality Development of the Guangzhou Fashion Industry Cluster," clearly stating the construction of lighting and sound equipment industry gathering areas around commercial, residential, educational fields, and promoting the construction of commercial platforms for the lighting and sound equipment industry.The scale of the industry is large. Through incubation and cultivation, it has gradually formed the Fanyu "Optoelectronics Industry Leading" cluster, Baiyun "Smart Lighting and Sound" cluster, and Huadu "China's Audio Capital" industrial cluster. In October 2023, the Fanyu District lighting and sound industry cluster was selected as one of the four national-level characteristic industrial clusters in Guangzhou listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the year 2023.Technology-driven industry leadership. The performing arts equipment industry is a field with high specialization and technical requirements, characterized by close integration of multiple disciplines, integration of art and technology, and symbiotic growth. With the development of network technology, performing arts equipment products have become digitalized, intelligentized, networked, and integrated with audio and video, possessing high technology and high added value.Guangzhou's intelligent manufacturing enjoys global reputation. Over the past decade, Guangzhou's performing arts equipment products and services have gradually become the "standard configuration" for top domestic and international events, achieving good social and economic benefits. The integration of performing arts technology and creative arts continues to deepen, giving birth to new formats such as "performing arts equipment + culture" and "performing arts equipment + tourism." Guangzhou's performing arts equipment industry enterprises continue to innovate, injecting new vitality into the cultural tourism industry through technological innovation, cross-border integration, etc.From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing": Total orders during this exhibition exceeded 380 billion yuan, attracting 63,000 global visitorsGETshow is an internationalized and market-oriented exhibition and trade platform initiated by leading enterprises in the Guangzhou region. Rooted in Guangzhou for over a decade, it has become the most influential professional exhibition in the lighting and sound industry worldwide.

This year's exhibition not only attracted over 63,000 visitors from 72 countries and regions but also drew dozens of exhibition groups from various fields such as stage art, performance, engineering, theaters, large venues, and cultural tourism operators from all over the country. It is reported that the total value of orders during this exhibition exceeded 380 billion yuan.Through the construction of this international exhibition and trade platform GETshow, it effectively helps Guangzhou and even national performing arts equipment industry enterprises to move towards the international market in a more professional and large-scale manner, allowing more global markets to understand and recognize "Guangzhou manufacturing," "Guangdong manufacturing," and "Chinese manufacturing"; as an organic carrier of cultural output, it effectively enhances the world recognition of Chinese performing arts equipment technology, products, and services.Nowadays, Guangzhou's lighting and sound industry is striving to write the era topic of moving from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing," realizing transformation and upgrading to achieve high-quality development. "Looking ahead, with the goal of 'becoming the world's lighting enterprise,' we will let the world stage shine with the brilliance of Chinese brands!" said the person in charge of Zhujiang Lighting, laying out plans throughout the entire industry chain to activate cultural and tourism resources with technology.In the future, Guangzhou will continue to promote the deep integration of performing arts equipment and the cultural tourism industry, providing more innovative driving force for the development of the cultural tourism industry.

Written by Guangzhou Daily multimedia journalist Mo SiqigeCorrespondent Sui Wenguanglu XuanPictures provided by the organizer are from the exhibition site.